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Favors of the First Ones by Jake

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I just started reading a surprisingly imaginative (though occasionally bizarre) sci-fi tale titled "Favors of the First One" on Nifty. Normally I'm put off by way-out science fiction stories like this, but I have to admit, this is a surprisingly original and well thought-out story.

I think there's a little too much exposition in spots -- this is an extremely complicated sci-fi story, with aliens, cloning, wormholes, genetic engineering, nano technology, and needless to say, lots of sex -- but the first few chapters have held my interest. I think the author could benefit from an editor to cut out about 1/3 of the prose, but the guts of the story are very interesting and imaginative.

Link is here:


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I've read a little of chapter one and agree with your assessment, Pec. The magnetism of the story is likely coming from the reality and considered truth of the Carl Sagan reference. It seems our author is well read and is not frightened to use philosophy to enrich the writing. These are universal from our human perspective, and worth using in any story, but I don't know if he can validate the intergalactic sexual relations hinted at in the introduction.

I find it interesting that there are authors who are using psychology and philosophy in their writing in much the same way as, for example, Jean Paul Satre, Hermann Hess and other existentialist writers.

I don't know if this will continue in this story, but it is certainly an advance on conjectured superstitions.

The exposition is a little dry, and the author reveals that in the introduction, but I think he is correct in asking us to persevere...time will tell.

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I just made it through the rest of the posted chapters, and I have to say, this is a very, very complex sci-fi story with a lot of twists and turns. Let's just say that not everything appears as it seems to be, and the story very quickly soars off into unexpected directions.

If nothing else, readers will never look at bears, crocodiles, bulls, and lions in the same way again!

I think the preponderance of interspecies sex might be a little tough for some readers to take, and I have to admit, I think that could have been toned down a notch. But at least there's a very "meaty" story with a lot going on, so this is not a quickie porno story with mild SF overtones; it's an epic story that spans across galaxies and thousands of planets, and if you can make it at least to chapter 12, you can expect to encounter some pretty shocking reveals.

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