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incredible video from Chipotle


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Goodness gracious, a commercial with an artistic look and a social statement, what will they think of next? A good piece of work that shows us all the things meat eaters don't want to think about but should.

This kind of animation isn't cheap so the Chipotle people spent some cash on this. It might be a little too long for television presentation but as an artistic short there must be a venue for it out there somewhere. Coming to a theater near you before a feature presentation? That would be nice instead of all those mindless previews.

Well done.

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I wonder how many customers go to Chipotle and order the veggie burrito, veggie taco, or veggie salad, and leave the beef, pork, and chicken behind.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Being as how I'm deaf, I'd prefer a subtitled version, but it's a good and probably expensive bit of animation that deserves a wider audience.

The 100% Beef-ish bit rings particularly true in the UK as we've not long had a big scandal with products that were labelled beef, adulterated with horse meat. The UK traditionally doesn't eat horse so a lot of angry comment.

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