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All the drama of a bestselling novel...

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This story is almost ancient history by now, but perhaps we have all been misled.


Yes, this whole event would make a dandy spy novel. Was Wikileaks threatened by the new KGB apparatus? If they were so keen on publishing Snowden's stolen information, what happened to the dirt they had on Russia? Not a word, so who sold out to whom?

Although there is still a lot of speculation about Snowden, he is now in the hands of the Russians and they will use him as they will. As for Assange, he is still holed up in that embassy, although maybe his Russian buddies will rescue him.

The Cold War is over but the game still goes on. America has given up most of it's trade craft in the spy business, favoring technology instead. But it has already been proven that the American technology in use is full of holes and is easily hacked. We spend billions on secret projects that a third grader can hack into with a laptop.

I hope you sleep well at night with your delusions of security. I wonder who will write the book on this one?

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Chris, I hope the movie is better than the facts which, I am having trouble following. So much intrigue and subterfuge,I really can't keep up with it all.

I am certain however, of our doom, but whether the extinction event will be due to the antics of Assange, or Snowden, overly confident surveillance tactics, or gay sex getting a gold medal at the Olympics, just before Jeesus returns, I confess I don't know. So many possibilities, and I haven't even mentioned over-population of the planet or the faulty economic system depriving even the rich of a happy end.

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