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Russian propaganda...

Chris James

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It's stunning that such obvious ignorance is forthcoming from Russia these days:


I suppose we could apply this blatant misinterpretation of history to other things in the Russian past like:

Stalin supported orphans in his day because he created so many of them while killing their parents in his psychotic purges.

The Russian people killed off the royal family of Romanovs just so they could supplant those rulers with something better like communism.

Khrushchev and Putin, two peas in a pod.

Russian culture is filled with blunders and barbarism. They never did achieve the communist ideals they spouted for decades. Their brand of socialism was the failure we will always remember them by. Now the government is run by criminals and thugs so what do we do? We give them the Winter Olympics as a reward. Of course the International Olympic Committee is the very definition of criminal. Boycott Sochi, don't watch the Olympics.

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