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A reader asks for help

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"Writing you with a problem. When I access Falling (Down) and go to a chapter it appears, remains for a few seconds and then disappears. Also happens with Exit Hollywood, Exit Stage Left, What A Peach. BUT no problem with other stories on the Dude. Help! Thanks, (name withheld)"

I don't know what to tell him. Is this his browser? No one else has brought up this problem. He's a new reader so I hate to just ignore him.

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Firefox appears to be okay, I checked a few chapters. I also checked my Nook HD which uses Chrome and found no problem. I checked the nook as there was no mention as to what he was using, a desktop, laptop, or other device.

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is it possible that it's the colour combination? Maybe those stories use a combination of text colour and background colour that don't work on the reader's machine (back in the day if you had the colour depth of your video driver set to 16 colours or 256 colours, and you viewed a web page that used colours from a bigger palette, the driver would display the nearest equivalent, and that could in some cases result in black on black, white on white, or some shade of grey or a colour on the same shade of grey or colour.

His symptom of the story coming up for a moment and then disappearing might be the software searching and then finding the colour to use?

Just a thought.

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Ya know, you could very well be right, Cole. I know little about the person in question and that includes his age. I almost asked him if his parents had a filter on his computer that would not allow him to contact anyone if the word gay turns up. But that would be insulting I suppose. I like the cat theory better.

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