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Crossroads by Altimexis

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Another well rounded tale by Altimexis, read it here:


However, a bit of criticism which I hope will be taken the right way, the story as posted has two errors I've found. Early on in the tale with strikeouts and corrections for errors.

“Don’t mention it,” she replied. “Seven AM is not so early for me. I usually start me my day at five AM and sometimes even earlier.”

"Our ignorance came to a screeching hault halt when we finally opened the door to the master bedroom and waltzed right in, never giving a moment’s thought to whether or not we were alone. It came as an utter shock when our entry was greeted with a pair of screams.

Given the normal high standards of this author, his editor and proofreader, I wonder if the wrong version was posted. It is one of those tales that has to be read slowly - perhaps why I found the errors. (Dude - if you want to edit this post and make the corrections, be my guest).

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Even with many edits, I have a hard time getting perfect copy to Mike. Yeah, I spotted the occasional error in this, too, but then I do in almost every online story I read, and more and more in published stories, too.

The trick is to write a compelling story, which is much more important than missing a few typos, and this one certainly is that. I really enjoyed it, and hope the 'Chapter 1' designation really means that. I'm looking forward to more.


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Every time I reread one of my stories I find things that I need to or want to change. I guess it comes with the territory. Because I post my own stories I'm able to make the changes — luckily!

Colin :icon_geek:

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Oh, this is soooo embarrassing. I would like to say I simply posted an older version, but I simply failed to finish reviewing Alastair's edits. I've been extremely busy of late, which is why I'm posting so little these days. Believe it or not, all of the ten stories in this series were composed almost entirely on my iPhone whenever I had a spare moment. As a rule, I don't start posting a story or story series until my first drafts are done, so you can expect to see them all posted within the next couple of months.

I've checked story #2 in the series and it's fully edited. It will officially be posted on Wednesday, but here's the link. I can't make it active on my iPhone, so you'll need to copy and paste:


P.S. I've fixed the first story, which can be found here:


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