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Cracking good idea! Though marginally more expensive than buying new inks.

Are you sure about that, camy? Printer ink is more expensive than blood, I am told.

When we had to do a lot of printing we bought an outboard tank system which reduced the cost to a few cents a page instead of dollars for a full page color image.

The catch was that we had to be sure to print something everyday or the printer heads would clog and I'd have spend a lot of effort to clean them with vatious chemicals.

The hot dry Australian summer would dry the ink in the heads in a single day.

Eventually we bought an expensive Epsom color digital printer. The toner replacement cartridges cost almost as much as a new printer, but it performed flawlessly most of the time, producing photo quality images. Cost worked out to about the same as paying for new ink cartridges.

There are cheaper brands available these days.

Today's current prices see these digital printers much cheaper and certainly seem to be a better investment if you have lots of printing to do.

If you only need black on white printing, the digital mono laser printers are very economical and very convenient.

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