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just hit send


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This thread might should be in the Readers Rule section.

I haven't gotten nearly that far in Just Hit Send yet; looking forward to it.

Does this mean Grasshopper might be back online? Yay, I hope so.

Hmm. That you, aj, or somebody else? Just remember to log in. You know, just hit login ;)

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Yay! I got an e-mail from Grasshopper last night. :bounce: I've got a lot of reading to do to catch up on the story. Neat!

BTW, folks, continue your thoughts and prayers for Mitch and family.

Also be thinking about Grasshopper, and hoping that the current hurricane will *not* hit Florida again.

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Hello All,

It has been the greatest pleasure and deep honor to not only be a part of Mitch's life as well as Marcs for the time he was here, but to have those memories memorialized in such a loving fashion by our good friend. For those of you who haven't read Grasshopper's tale of love, courage, bravery and romance at its best, please, I implore you to go here and read: http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/grasshopper/

Paul :mrgreen:

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