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Remembering Codey

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As Tim said in Codey’s Memorial, Codey was such a complicated personality, it was difficult to pinpoint what he was like. He was kind, gentle, accepting, playful, serious and loving. He was also angry. Angry that there were people who were hungry and homeless. Angry that bigotry and haters condemned those who were born ‘different’. And, he was, as all of us know, empathetic and loving beyond words.

Codey knew that many other teens who were coming to realize they were gay and, not unlike him, very likely in need of help and understanding. That gave him an idea that turned into a dream, a dream to start a website. A website at which everyone was welcome, but which was dedicated to help gay teens. A website with information for gay teens. A website with stories that gay teens could relate to. A website that let them know that, whatever they may be going through, they were not the only ones. They were not alone. Things got better for the characters in the stories, and things would get better for them. Thanks to the Dude, his dream became a reality and Codey’s World was born, under the umbrella of AwesomeDude. Codey even became personally involved with other teens, often staying up all night, changing lives around the world. His love for others and talent as an author is unsurpassed and his stories will change lives forever.

Codey’s life was difficult, more difficult than most of us could ever imagine. But one thing that never changed was the size of his heart, his empathy, or his ability to accept love and give love. He loved his family. He loved Tim. He loved his friends. He loved each and everyone of us, whether he knew us or not. He loved us and wanted nothing but the best for us, whether we were gay, straight, bi, transgender, young, old, or in between.

Then, just two months shy of his eighteenth birthday, Codey’s health issues caught up with him and on November 4th, 2007 he left us. Today, six years later, we still miss him, we still love him, we still remember him, and we are still keeping his dream alive. And, of course, let’s not forget he still loves us.

Here’s one of his favourite songs for our enjoyment…as we remember a very special young man, Codey.


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Remembering Codey... gee, I do it all the time. Never more than today, November 4th, 2013 the day marking his departure from us six years ago..

The Saturday afternoons we listened to NPR's Prairie Home Companion together on our respective local stations. Endless discussions about people, places and things. We shared a cutting sense of humor and it was Codey who -although he got just as angry at man's inhumanity to man as I did- reminded me that people were basically good and how we should try to make a difference to prove that point. Codey did that in word and deed and for that brief time he shared with us... lived his dream.

Codey's memory is what drove me to keep AwesomeDude Radio going as long as I did. I remember our online YIM chats when he'd request a certain song and would shoot me a smiley when I played it.

Here's a song he sent me as an MP3 file which got a lot of play on the ADR play list.

I'd like to post this YouTube video of the song by Alabama and dedicate it to his memory..... and to his dream.

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