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Americano by Colin Kelly

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Thanks! I enjoyed writing Americano, and trying to figure out how to get each of the Writing Prompts into a story (a broken leg, a cup of coffee, a Danish, a cell phone, and a teddy bear). I started with them in order, and I started with the broken leg and coffee, and my protagonist and support character Donna. When I got to "a Danish" i went the easy (trite) way. That bothered me, so I decided to play with that prompt. I decided Owen could have been riding a motorcycle when he broke his leg. So I looked for a Danish brand of motorcycles. I found the Lauge Jensen website and read about their hand-built motorcycles, and that if you weren't Danish one of them would cost double. So I made Owen Danish. Now I had to tie in the teddy bear. So, I devised the diaper service panel truck with the teddy bear on the side, and the owner was Donna's relative and the diaper service with the teddy bear on the side of the panel truck and Donna's uncle named Teddy Love and... well, you can see how it all came together. It took me about a half hour to write and edit, then to sent to GA as my Writing Prompt 276 submission.

I find it very interesting when I'm writing something and the topics I'm writing about start to come together. It almost seems automatic when I'm writing. I very curious about how the brain really works in a situation like a writer putting together a story. I think it's fascinating.

Colin :icon_geek:

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