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Let It Go - from Disney's "Frozen"

The Pecman

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This is a brand-new song from the new hit Disney cartoon film Frozen. I wanted to post it because I thought the lyrics were striking and the melody was very strong, and singer Idina Menzel has a helluva voice:

The lyrics specifically talk about being yourself and the need to be realistic with yourself and other people. I think there's an allegory there about gay people being willing to accept who they are, and not having to hide who you are... and let it go. (Plus, when do you ever get to hear a lyric that uses the word "fractal"?)

I found it very moving in that sense. And the orchestra arrangement is absolutely dynamite. If this song doesn't at least get an Oscar nomination, I'll be stunned.

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Update: and the film got nominated for Best Animated Picture -- but did not win -- and the song did win for Best Song. And the movie just cracked $1 billion at the box office, making it the second-biggest animated film of all time, which is damned impressive. The fact that it upsets the religious right is just icing on the cake.

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