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State Senator Wants to Ban Oral Sex Between Minors

The Pecman

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It's amazing what some ultra-conservative lawmakers want to waste their time with.

Virginia state senator Tom Garrett is trying to introduce an emergency bill banning oral sex involving teenagers (even those above the age of consent) because it's a "crime against nature."

Interestingly, regular heterosexual sex is not being banned. The curious thing is that, ironically, you could have a situation where two 17-year-olds could marry, but if they engage in oral sex, they could both be under arrest.

Story at this link:


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I sincerely hope these idiot politicians understand that oral sex is not limited to the homosexual world. Another stupid law with no means of enforcement. What happened to "it's the economy, stupid." We need jobs in this country and I might suggest this jerk's position ought to be filled by someone with a little common sense.

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Does he think this is serving his constituency well? Does he think this will make a difference in his state, provide for the well-being of the Commonwealth, help education, job growth, poverty reduction and infrastructure repair?

This guy is an idiot. One would hope the voters would realize that and tell him what he can do with his joyless initiative at the ballot box. Most state senators are looking to see what can be done to improve their districts. This one is thinking about what goes on in the bedrooms around him. What an ass.


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I seem to remember a case a few years ago, where something like this happened. There was a law at the time that treated oral sex differently to vaginal sex. A girl performed oral sex on her boyfriend, and her parents got him charged with child molestation because of that.

There was an huge outcry, which is how I managed to hear about it all the way over here in Australia. The story is on Wikipedia:

Wilson v. State of Georgia

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