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Elecivil And His Class

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Man, I paid for that clipboard, I'm not breaking that! Haha.

And I left my cap-bustin' days behind when I left the inner-city for the rural farmland. Now it's shotguns, not 9mms.

Besides, I'm not one for the in-your-face style. I prefer quiet, intense, and apparently insane.

EC: "Hey, (student). Good to see you. Mind picking up that paper you just dropped?"

Student: "Hey, you're not my teacher! You can't make me do shit!"

EC: (Slowly grinning, wider and wider. Speaking in soft, calm voice.) "Aww. That was a poor choice. Now I have to do something. Oh...but, try not to worry too much about it until then. See you later. Have a nice day."

(That kid later returned, clearly shaken, begging to sweep my floor, clean my windows, and wipe down all my lab tables.)

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