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Still Life with Three Boys by Frederic

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Insightful is the word that comes to mind after reading this story. Three moments in time give us the means to look back in a middle-aged man's life and see when he developed the understanding many of us have to face at some point.

I would be remiss if I did not say that Frederic has been writing such wonderful stories for quite some time. I first came across his American Cupcake story some years ago and then found myself devouring his epic Fifteen. Both of those stories were more aggressive treatments of the gay characters, but I found them to be marvels of construction in the English language.

With Still Life, Frederic has climbed into the head of his main character and given us an empathetic, and as I said, insightful look at the coming of age story. Thank you, Frederic, and bravo for a delightful read.

Look for it here: http://www.awesomedude.com/tsf/still_life_with_three_boys.htm

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Everyone is right... isn't that nice!

Great call Camy, Fifteen is even better and appears to go on forever, or else it feels that way halfway through the first chapter.

And... "it"... His writing is so good that he doesn't need to pretend to be coy about "it", and that's a nice change.

I think I'm in heaven... Well done Chris for starting the thread!

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Guest Dabeagle

A very interesting and moving piece, three chapters of a life woven with the lessons learned. I couldn't help but feel the sadness that went with all the lessons learned and I sort of hoped for some kind of - and now I am this - kind of ending. Straong writing.

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