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Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons


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Uganda leader blocks anti-gay law

How much of what he's said as to the reasons is real and how much is just public rationalisation? I suspect he's under so much international pressure he had to back down and this is his way of saving face.

Despite that, it's still the right thing to do, even if the reasons are warped and may not hold up in the future.

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I have a friend in Zimbabwe who fears for his life, also. I wonder why the peoples in the majority of the African Continent cannot find it reasonable to live and let live. Not to mention, they all seem to blame economics, or "being sick". The fact that a majority of these people are Christians and Muslims... very conservative Christians I might add, makes me very wary of our own conservative religious groups.

When will they find God?

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Some days it seems like we humans are racing back to the Dark Ages of superstition and witch-hunting.

In reality, it is not impossible for the forces of blind belief, and irrational faith to oppose scientific critical thinking and our natural altruistic compassion, with the daggers and guns of brutish primitive ignorance. That they are so numerous, in increasing numbers, and so willing to legislate laws of oppression to suppress intelligent thought, liberty and progress, is of immediate concern to everyone who values life and love in the here and now.

That they could overthrow the achievements we have made, is increasingly threatening to our freedom.

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