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Winter Weather Whine

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I think it needs to be said that I have nothing to whine about this month. :smile:

In fact the last couple of weeks have been shorts and t-shirt weeks. :happy:

Which up here means the temperature has risen above 40F. :biggrin:

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Just got off the phone with my sister in Buffalo, NY: 5 degrees with 40MPH winds and showing. Yikes...

The weather is so screwed up in LA, it was over 75 degrees and a lot of farmers' crops in Southern California have been fooled into thinking it's spring and are growing early. The problem is, by next month, it's predicted it'll go into the 40s and rain, which will kill all the crops again. Could be very tough times in the agriculture business.

I always say, "global warming doesn't mean it's getting hotter... it means the weather is getting very screwed up and unpredictable."

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Here at home my thermometers are all reading either zero or -1. Add in the wind chill and it feels like -18.

The forecast for the weekend is for snow starting Saturday afternoon, with an accumulation of 1 to 3 inches, turning into rain in the evening and the temperatures rising into the 40's overnight.

So much for the Polar Express that we're currently experiencing.

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It was 71F here in Walnut Creek, California today. Truly crappy weather — that's because we need rain here and snow in the mountains because we're in a serious drought. We hope March and April will be wet months.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Despite all the snow and severe cold we've had in recently, the Robins are here already. For the past week I thought I was seeing things as I'd sometimes see an orange blur move past my kitchen windows. Then yesterday I could see a bird sitting on a wire a slight distance away so I picked up my binoculars and saw it was a Robin. Later on in the morning, I saw six more sitting around.

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