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I have been reading stories by the author "Josh" and two of them are really great. I wanted to contact the author to say that I had enjoyed them, and also to ask him/her a few questions. However the email provided is apparently no longer active and all my emails have bounced back. Does any forum member have a working email address for this author?



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Thanks for the reply. I am sorry to hear that he has dropped off the radar so to speak. Let's hope he's not dead or gone to ground. both sound fairly drastic.


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I helped out Josh with quite a bit of editing and suggestions on The Least of These. My only comment is that he had some personal situations that were trying, and he was very conflicted with his lifestyle, his family, his religion, and other issues. I got the impression from some of our last communications that he was going to sever ties from everybody because of that.

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Thanks for the further information guys! At least it seems that he stopped writing for reasons other than he's looking at grass from the wrong side. Maybe if he manages to get past those personal conflicts he can start writing again, perhaps from a totally new perspective.

@ The Pecman... You mentioned Josh's family. I wonder if he is married? That could explain a lot. I've never been attracted to girls at all. If Josh is an older man I can understand how the pressures to conform to society's expectations, not to mention religious and family expectations could have led him into a marriage. maybe his writing was a kind of sublimation for him. I hope for his sake that NOT writing doesn't clamp down the pressure cooker so to speak.

@Cole... Thanks for taking the time to reply! I enjoy your stories as well, especially that one "On the High Plains of Wyoming." When you really like a writer's work it is difficult to say exactly which of his stories you like the best. I listened to your interview from a few years ago, and I'm guessing, having done some math, that you are seventy or so. It's amazing how you are able to put yourself into the mind of gay guys of the present day. Then too, I suppose gay boys of today go through the same things that gay boys have always gone through all through time.

Okay. Gotta jet to class.

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