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Taz & Kodak III by Rick Beck

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Well the story goes on, for which I am mightily glad as I was already missing Tazerski, not to mention his human companions. This new episode of their life promises to be just as good, if not better than the previous two.

Please remember ( as the Dude pointed out in another topic) Tazerski is not a Chimp, the little fellow shows far to much good sense to be that closely related to humans.

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In the latest chapter on of the characters says:

“I find Taz and Kodak two of the most fascinating characters I've ever come across. Finding them in the same place is a shocker.”

An opinion I totally agree with. Reading about Taz and Kodak is fascinating.

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Well Taz & Kodak III has finally come to an end and I must say it is a story I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. It can only be hoped we see more of these characters in future stories from Rick Beck. Somehow I think Taz is too big a personality to be left to one side.

Great writing and great story telling.

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