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Let's hear it for Sexy Jesus

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The new film Son of God could be the salvation of Christianity. It seems what they have needed all along is sex appeal:


Although the image of the Christ figure in the past 2000 years has changed here and there, it seems he has always been considered a handsome man by those who portrayed his likeness. My own image of the man is that he was the original hippie.

Jesus is often quoted in the Bible, and here we can only wonder at the accuracy, speaking in parables left open to the widest interpretation over the centuries. So we're not really sure what he said or how he looked, pretty lame if you plan on basing a worldwide religion on such things.

But although much of his peaceful message seems garbled in modern times by those who twist words for their own immoral purposes, Jesus was considered a radical in his time. The image of a man wandering around Judea, sleeping in other peoples homes (did they have couches in that day?) and generally standing in the dust speaking to crowds paints an image of a dirty, unwashed young man.

We know he rode a donkey on occasion and at least once he bathed in the River Jordan, but I doubt if he ever attended a hair salon. No, I recall what it was like to take care of long hair and what a mess it was in the morning. So Hollywood image aside, Jesus was just as unwashed as the rest of the people who surrounded him.

I think the glorified film image of the man is just for public consumption and only adds another layer of distance between the Christ and those who would embrace his message. Hippies had a message, too: Make love not war. It seemed appropriate for the times, but boy did most of them ever need a bath.

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Yes, Chris, many hippies did need a bath and I was only too happy to give a hippy a bath. In fact we mostly spent time showering with a friend to save water, and then took a bath afterwards. Those were the days, when making a hippy happy was enough to spread joy and let the sunshine in.

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Oh, you can tell they're hitting up the religious right on this one -- note the appeal for "group ticket sales" at the end of the trailer:

As for me, I'd rather listen to the music from Jesus Christ Superstar from 45 years ago and imagine the visuals.

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Why all of a sudden are religious themed movies coming to our local theaters? First it's Jesus, now it's Noah. This one has generated a lot of controversy; Paramount is adding a comment that "artistic license has been taken" and those who are members of the Faith Based Community should go to the Book of Genesis for the Biblical story of Noah. I'll pass on both this suggestion and the movie... thanks, anyway.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I may be wrong, Colin, but it seems all these films are just another means of selling the religion. The hawkers and hucksters of Christian religion have accumulated so much money they are not spending it on films in an attempt to make more. After all, churches will encourage their flocks to attend by advertising from the pulpit every Sunday.

Now as for the guy portraying the role of Jesus in Son of God...didn't we last see him as a centerfold in Manhood Magazine? Bring back JC Superstar...and perhaps Godspell, that was some righteous good music.

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I once saw the less than perfect film version of Jesus Christ Superstar with an audience that was prominently gay males, and very likely, all atheists.

When the song, I Don't Know How To Love Him was being sung, 200 gay men all shouted at the screen, "Let me, let me, I know how love to him."

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