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Another brick in the wall....

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I understand the need for discipline in school, but when the educators start to see kids as the enemy then they need to be fired and sent to work at McDonalds.


Zero tolerance means action without thought, and what an easy target we seem to have in minority students. Look at the statistics in the article and you will see the bias against minorities. No wonder the ACLU is kept so busy these days. The only sign I want to give these administrators is my middle finger and probably a good swift kick out the door.

Do this crap long enough and I would think a judge might step forward and order that any disciplinary action against a student has to be adjudicated in court. How long before school systems that do this kind of crap are made to pay extreme fines for the damage to a child's life.

As a taxpayer I am outraged to see this nonsense in schools, it needs to end.

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This is totally stupid, it is also a breach of the common law. A basic principle in common law that applies in both England and the United States is the concept of mens rea. There is a duty on any legal or quasi legal tribunal, except in those instances where an act is an absolute offense defined in statute law, to show that the act performed was not only illegal but that it was done with intent. This clearly was not done with intent.

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And along the same line, school boards have to be pretty ignorant and out of touch with reality to ban something like this:


Good grief, do they really say boobies? Are the adults on these boards so ignorant of what children know these days? Would they have been happier if the bracelets said breasts? I doubt that. Looking deeper we will probably discover a misguided sense of morality behind this crap. This is Pennsylvania after all, filled with conservative ideals and anti-gay sentiment. Don't see the kids wearing I love Christians bracelets, just proves we are winning among the young people.

But if boobies give these school boards palpitations I am all for causing them to have major heart attacks. How about an I love Penis bracelet in support of prostate cancer. At least that sounds better than I love a small gland in the anal canal of men. :laugh:

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