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What's New in Codey's World 03/10

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A Time When It All Went Wrong ~ Chapter 9 of A Novel by Colin Kelly. They say everyone has a double, a doppelganger, someone who's their mirror image. What if you just met your double? What if you were a thirteen-year-old kid who's gay and you just met your double?

It Can't Gie Better Than Thes ~ A Short Story by Grant-bentley. Do you believe in love at first sight? Miles and Rhys didn’t.

The Story of a Forgotten Childhood ~ A Poem by Ayushi Mehrotra about growing up.

Magic of a Wish... ~ A Poem by Ayushi Mehrotra about magic and wishes.

Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time.
Featured: Popularity ~ A Short Story by Graeme.. What do you do when your best friend tells everyone that you told him that you wished he was dead -- and you absolutely did not say that?

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