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Federal Judge Strikes Down Michigan Marriage Ban


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What I find interesting is that the Supreme Court of the land seems to be biding its time and allowing all these state level courts to set precedents far ahead of any SCOTUS decision. It must be galling to those who feel their state should offer gay marriage to all citizens but I see these local level decisions as a positive.

Nothing makes a SCOTUS decision easier than to be able to point and say the lower courts rule this way and so shall we. The judicial mindset is a communal one, they rely on one another's thoughts and ideas. If a dozen or more lower courts rule that the laws banning gay marriage are unconstitutional then the Supremes might just let those arguments stand and say the decision has already been made at the state level.

The very idea that Scalia and his bunch would separate gay men and women from their constitutional rights as citizens by deciding against gay marriage sounds absurd...but possible.

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