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triad for my mother

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this is a set of poems i wrote a few days after my mum died. i started out trying to write one poem to read at her burial, but wound up with three that seem to fit well together. they repeat themselves and dwell, but then, that's what i've been doing so i guess it makes sense.

i read the third one at her burial.

You taught us to

love, live

be happy.

Gave us your heart,

shared your whole being.

You were strong for us

our whole lives.

I hope these past few months,

we were strong for you.

We will always remember you,

carry your lessons

and yearn for your presence.

Now only the

stuff of dreams.

We wish you

peace, rest.

It is your time to

go, do and be

all those things you never got

the chance to in this world.


You gave us

your heart.

All of your life,

nurtured and protected

anyone in need.

May you find the same

warmth we found

in your presence, your arms,

at finally resting with

your mother and sister.

We will always try to

live our lives

in ways that make you


if you keep your promise to

haunt us,

watch over us,

even if only

in our dreams.

We wish you


Your life and dreams

of happiness

will live forever

within each of us.


I will remember you

when I gaze on this pendant.

Rich brilliant opal,

as you were so full of

brilliance and depth.

We will remember you

when we sew

dresses, hems, socks.

When we cook,

we will hear your voice,

guiding our hands

at the stove.

You will forever

haunt us

in our dreams and


You live on

in each of

those of us who love you.

May your soul be

free and at peace;

and your spirit gain strength

with each memory we share.

May you watch over and

guide us,

for the rest of our lives.


just a final note, despite the sensitive nature of this topic,

i don't mind constructive criticism. actually, i'd like it. but if you're going to critique my work in general, but especially these three, please try and remain positive.


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