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Gay wedding in the Alex Cartoon

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One of the regular online cartoons I read regularly is the Alex cartoon at the Telegraph. They're also posted at www.alexcartoon.com, but that tends to run a day behind (probably due to timezones -- the Telegraph website recognises I'm in Australia and shows me the new one early).

For those not familiar with this cartoon, Alex works for Megabank in London, and the cartoon covers lots of financial, banking, and other issues. The characters tend to be cynical, status-aware, money-grabbers. It always has a twist in the last frame of the cartoon. It might be an acquired taste, but I like it. :smile:

Anyway, there's a story thread going through the cartoon at the moment regarding a gay wedding. It started with the June 3 cartoon, and continued on June 4, June 5, and June 6. A few other cartoons intervened, and then the story continued from June 13 and through to the current date (June 19 for me). I suspect it'll go for a few more days before the story thread concludes.

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