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Daisy Game-a TR poem

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Kind of curious if this rhyme scheme works or not, I wonder if changes, differing patterns, distract and whether identical rhymes, at least for end of lines, are better for that reason. Other rhyme/assonance/resonance/etc aside.

Yeah, just ended (finally) yet another inexplicable entanglement. Makes me a little nervous, if past experience is any guide. Ain't love grand?



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Daisy Game by TR

I touch the flower with my hand

Trembling petals and tender shoots;

I think of you, your loving voice,

Then yank it out by living roots.

You love me, yes, a petal falls,

And that explains the hang-up calls,

Why you?re talking to all my friends,

And what you write on restroom walls.

You love me not, and off it comes,

Another petal of pure white,

But that?s why I have burglar bars

For when you visit in the night.

You love me, yes, a petal chucked

As this poor weed is slowly plucked;

Like me, this battered blossom feels

Just utterly, completely fucked.

You love me not, and I?m relieved,

For I?ve grown tired of screening calls

And jumping each and every time

A nighttime step behind me falls.

You love me, yes, and that fact, alors,

Will take me down to clinic doors

To ensure you?ve not left a gift

That might well end up causing sores.

You love me not, so I take the mail

To the postman for X-ray screens;

I think of you along the way

And wonder what that ticking means.

Love is rancid, love is sweet

Love is wrangling ways to meet,

Love is catches in your breath,

Love is apt to cause my death.

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