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can someone help me?


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I had recently started on a story by Josh called " The Lest of Those". I had just finish chapter one and so far it had been excellent, however I ran into a bit of a problem. I try to assess chapter two but I keep getting all these weird symbols instead of the story. It only seem to happen to chapter two. I was wondering that if whoever that can assess chapter two, if you could copy/paste and sent it to my email at tienlyatbiz@aol.com, I would really be forever grateful.

Thank you


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Hi, Tien. Also try clearing your browser cache, that may help. Sometimes, though, accessing on another day will help.

The webmaster@iomfats.org may be able to help you too, and if there is a file problem, if it isn't just you, he needs to know that.

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Er Blue...

The Least Of These is hosted here at AwesomeDude. I don't think it is on IOMFATS.org.

I have checked with several computers, 4 here at home and two at the office.

Tien, Blue's suggestion about clearing your cache may help. It is definitely something particular with your system. If you still have a problem, contact me at dude@awesomedude.com. If you do, let me know whether you are using a PC or Mac and what version operating system as well as which web browser you use.



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Oops. I was thinking of "Just Hit Send." I guess I'm tired and preoccupied about friends in Florida.

My apologies to all concerned. "The Least of These" is an excellent story. You'll like it, Tien.

Welcome to the forum, too.

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Thank you Blue Dude, urr, or should I say Blue and Dude, that might be better, lol.

Anyway, I did follow your intructions and It worked, thank you, thank you, thank you.lol.

Now I can sit down, relax and continue with my reading (with a cup of coffee and some snacks, of course, lol).

You guys have been great helps, thanks again

Also, I'm kind of new to this forum, so I'm going to be posting alot just to get to know everyone, so BE WARN <evil grin>, lol.


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