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Christian parents who are now "Getting It"


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From the article:

"There are many, many leaders and pastors out there still teaching that parents should treat their gay children just as we did, and for that reason we cannot stay silent. This is not about us. This is about the children, the pre-teens, the teens, the young adults and adults who are still living in self-condemnation, not believing that they are worthy of God's love, because that is what they are hearing from their church communities and from their parents. And that has to stop.

Lives are at stake."

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The most shameful thing about those who would attack the parents of a LGBT child is that they forget the child. There should be nothing more precious in our society than the children. They are our future and yet we treat them so unfairly it makes me disgusted with my fellow man.

I would gladly take on the role of a superhero if the objective was fairness for kids. I would force bullies into therapy, spank parents who didn't listen to their children's voices, and I would become less than human to those who would harm a child.

I could scream that we are here on this planet to perpetuate the species and our greed and insignificant response to trashing the planet will harm the future generations.

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Maybe I misread the piece, but it appears to me that the attacks on these parents came from people who are angry about what these parents had done to their gay son, how they had driven him away from his family and his church and made him feel so worthless that he fell into the lifestyle that killed him. In other words, people aren't attacking these parents because they had a gay son; they are attacking them because of their inexcusable cruelty and rejection of their son's deepest essence. The idea that you can "love the sinner but hate the sin," as an appropriate response in this kind of situation, is fantastically dangerous nonsense. And it is a complete lie, an utter sham. At least the Westboro people are honest about their bigotry when they march around with "God hates fags" signs. Why should a parent who sends the exact same message to a child be surprised when bad things result?


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You read it correctly, Rutabaga. These parents have come to learn that what they did to their son was grossly inappropriate, and they are acknowledging the people who have told them that was the case and admitting that their accusers are in the right.

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