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DC2--the farewell tour


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I commented on it in the Drama Club thread, in the New Writers section.

Parenthetically, hypothetically,

Proverbially, adverbially,

Fabulously farcically

::drops thesaurus::

Well, it was pretty great.

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Oh my dear god, THAT is some seriously funny shit!

Thanks! A couple of readers wanted to know if I wrote that while I had writer's block, now how could I write a (faux) chapter when I had a block, I ask you? I just felt a little silly and wanted to vent some of my feelings about taking Drama Club (and my own newbie writing skills) too seriously into a story. I also like making people laugh. Some readers seemed to find some of P.12 funny, the parts where Gene and Angel and Jaye talk about Exodus while waiting in the Refuge lobby, but that was a little too serious a subject to count as real humor. I hope I haven't alienated any readers with The Farewell Tour, I love the story and characters, too, or I wouldn't write so much about them! I asked the Dude if he wanted me to spoof any other stories on his site but I wonder if the Witness Protection Program would be enough protection for me, from disgrunted readers AND writers! I'd only want to if I loved the story, though, where's the fun poking fun without love? You can see why I'm single, I guess...<g>


Tragedy Rabbit

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Rabby, baby!

Nobody can say YOU take yourself too seriously!

You go, girl !!!

As always,

Ben Dover

Adverbs are NOT your friends! - Stephen King

Honey, are you just saying that because I quoted from your new volume of poetry at the end?

And, yeah, I'm probably my own worst critic but at least I'm trying to get better. Mainly by writing more and more. Now, if I can just get Gene to forgive me for what I wrote in The Farewell Tour, I can get P. 13 up and running this weekend. He's a little miffed for some reason so I'm laying low for awhile until his mood improves. Good thing the next chapter is more Michael and Jaye or I'd be in real trouble.

On humor, I guess Something About Tom was self-mocking, too, is this a trend? It had a romantic element, though, so maybe it was more fun to read, I don't know. I might want my next serialized thing to have more humor in it, I know that one of my favorite online stories has some pretty funny dialogue and that's what made it work for me despite other problems. I'm really glad to know that I did and can make people laugh, its fun to do and, remember, I'm really really new at fiction!

How much of the self-mocking stuff in DC2:TFT worked and how much didn't? Was I too subtle for my own good or did most of it come off as funny? I liked having fun with the idea of Nifty style sex in that story, too, having them have really bad sex and grousing about it! Not that I don't have stories on Nifty, and elsewhere, that I love, it was just fun to poke a little fun.


Tragical Rabbit

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