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Dreamcatcher II

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Dreamcatcher II

I would not sleep with out one,

For should I try,

Nightmares would rain down on me

Thick from the sky.

In day, let me be undaunted

By flickers of fright,

Let not my mind dwell

On the oncoming night.

Let not my sleep

Be riddled with fears.

And hush! stay quiet!

In case somebody hears

My cries for salvation

From these fitful dreams

As I?m drenched in the sweat

That pours from my seams.

The dawn hours, the Death-watch,

Those are the worst.

When sinister shadows

Seem ready to burst

And all life?s trepedations

Rush full to the head,

Poisoning my thoughts

As I writhe in my bed.

Nay, I would not dare

To seek sleep

Without a dreamcatcher

Hung there to reap

All my sorrows and fears,

They will catch in its net

And all my night-shed tears

I shall swiftly forget.

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