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A Christmas Story

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Posted 21 December 2005 - 08:26 PM

A Christmas Story

When I was a little boy, my family did not have a lot of money.
My father had a reasonably well paying job, but with four kids and
a dog, money was often tight. This is not to say that we were
deprived or unhappy. Our family did many activities together, but
our favorite was camping, which we did year-round, blazing heat or
freezing cold.

It was a great site to see the whole clan scrambling to get every-
thing together for a weekend trip. The whole family then piled
into our Chevy station wagon with a dog bigger than the three
smallest children put together. Dad would then tie down our
trusty tent to the top of the Chevy and off we would go.

Our tent was amazing in and of itself. It was an army surplus
tent, large enough for the whole family plus dog. It had survived
though rainstorms, snowstorms, and windstorms. It had twice been
uprooted from its stakes in high winds. (Makes me wonder why we
went camping in so much terrible weather.) It had blown off the
Chevy a couple of times, but it had always survived. At least it
survived with mother's help at the sewing machine. It had patches
over patches but it was still our faithful camping tent.

But alas, canvas can only last so long, so after about ten years
of steady service, my Dad admitted one summer that our tent was no
longer useable. We didn't go camping at all the following fall.
The only thing that kept us kids controllable was that Dad
promised we would get a new tent at Christmas, and we could go
camping all winter.

So Mom and Dad went on a savings program to get the money for our
new tent. They even got us kids to pitch in a little. Money was
tight, but the savings accumulated, and we all had visions of a
great winter outdoors. That is, until disaster struck in late
November, and my little bother Johnny broke his arm. Dad hadn't
counted on an emergency, and the hospital and doctor bills
completely depleted our tent saving. We were all downcast at the
prospect of no winter camping. Even I was almost sorry I pushed
Johnny off the roof.

So as Christmas approached, we were all pretty glum. There
weren't as many presents around the tree as usual, because the
extra money had gone into my bother's arm. Finally, Christmas
Eve was here, and our month long depression was lifted a little,
because we could open our presents. Dad had to work, but he was
late, and hadn't called. Mother began to worry, and just before
she called the police, Dad drove up.

We couldn't believe our eyes! There on top of the Chevy was a
brand new shiny tent, even larger than Old Faithful. Instantly,
five voices started asking Dad question after question, so he
ushered us all into the living room, around the Christmas tree to
tell us what happened.

It seems that Dad had seen an advertisement for a store called
SURPLUS CITY (all caps required). Last week he had gone by to
see if they had any tents that we could afford. There was one
perfect tent (the only one actually) for $60. So Dad worked a
little overtime and scrimped a little on his Christmas gifts and
he scraped together about $45. That night he had gone to SURPLUS
CITY with his $45 and tried to get a bargain on the tent. He had
managed to chisel the manger down to $50 for the tent, but from
there the manager wouldn't budge. There was no credit or lay-away
at SURPLUS CITY, either, just cold hard cash.

So Dad went back out to the car, and thought about how hard it
would be to come home empty handed. In a flash of inspiration,
he got the spare tire from the car and went back in. He asked
the manager if he would take the spare tire for $5 so he could
buy the tent.

With that act of desperation, the manager's heart softened. What
with it being Christmas and all, and my father being so intent on
getting the tent, and stopping in several times over the past
week, he let Dad have the tent for $40.

When Dad finished telling this story, we all cheered and hollered
and generally made fools of ourselves. That was the happiest
Christmas I have ever had. And that was the best winter of
camping we ever had too, in THE WINTER OF OUR DISCOUNT TENT.

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