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Thank-you WBMS

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About a week ago, I found a reference on the Tarheel site to WBMS's Alone By Myself, and started to read it. Something in the content captured me instantly, and the writing was wonderfully well done. Before getting too far into it, I just HAD to find out more about WBMS and contact him. He must have appreciated my comments, since I received a prompt response and was also refered to this site and more specifically, the forum.

I want to thank Stout Scarab for guiding me here. You have an Awesome site Dudes, and the more I explore, the more content I become. The discussions on grammar, wording, motivation, and all the other things that go into writing are fascinating, educational, and entertaining, all at the same time, as are all you authors.

Thank you all. :D

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