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Words that should be banned from good writing

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I guess my density shows. I don't see why removing either of the 'thats' improves the passage. In fact, in the second case, I think it reads better with the 'that' left in and more closely resembles a normal speech pattern. This is dialogue we're seeing.

Not trying to be argumentative or contentious, just thinking out loud, I guess.


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Back to "that" — there are times when "that" clarifies or simplifies so it can be useful. But please, never like this example: ...there are times when "that" clarifies or simplifies so that it can be useful.

"So" is a lovely little word that doesn't need to be trailed by a "that" — just leave "so" alone so it can do it's job all by itself.

Colin :icon_geek:

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When you're dealing with dialects, there's a lot more flexibility. "So's we don't get caught" is an example. To me, that immediately brought to mind the speech patterns of your old-fashioned lower-class English labourer/petty thief. Capturing that feeling in so few words is why things like that are acceptable. It wouldn't be acceptable from an upper-class gent, but in the right context... :smile:

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