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Logan and Seth (Dream Catcher by Dabeagle; Underdogs by Cynus)


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It seemed appropriate to start a thread looking at both of these stories, as they cover the same ground Rashomon-like with different perspectives.

Reading "Dream Catcher" left me with a lot of questions that were frequently answered in "Underdogs." Still, after what seemed like a fairly clear direction set earlier in "Teammates," I found myself puzzled by Logan in these later stories. Yet I can totally relate to his confusion at that age. The ending of "Underdogs" seems to suggest an interesting future for Logan, Seth, and Grayson.


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I've been reading this and cringing. To me it looks like Seth is about to really get hurt.

I don't know if you were ever around when somebody decided that they just weren't going to be gay/bi anymore, someone gets left holding the emotional bag and it ain't full of flowers.

I know, I know: my views are colored by experience. I just expect an alligator under every lily pad because that's what I'm used to.

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I can't decide which one I am more in love with: Logan, or Seth. I really love the type of character who looks out for underdogs, but it looks like Seth is doing enough of that on his own, without Logan.

I really don't think Seth is going to be hurt, though. They really seemed to come to a resolution that they are both what each other needs, and that is never going to change. They will probably stick with each other until they are truly sure that they have found someone else that is right and that it is safe to change their relationship as a conscious choice, more than an surprise decision by one of them. Logan probably doesn't have it in his nature to betray someone on purpose, and Seth seems to be way too aware of what is going on at all times to be caught off guard.

Even if there was a short-term heartache, some just seems a lot stronger now, anyway, in large part thanks to Logan. He'd be able to survive a minor breakup pretty well, which would be another indicator that Logan has already achieved his goal of being able to instill a greater confidence in Seth.

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