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Download.com and Others Bundle Superfish-Style HTTPS Breaking Adware


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I've known about them for some time.

Really stupid move on their part.

They just took careful aim and shot themselves in the foot with the tekkie users.

As soon as they started bundling spyware with their free/share/crap-ware, we were off to ArsTechnica and SlashDot as fast as the bandwidth would take us.

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I was a fan of Gimp player as it is nice and simple, and does all one needs of a video player. But the last update I had included a truly horrible piece of Adware - reset one's home page and did several other nasties. Not a simple job removing it either, and I only found the last traces quite recently.

Net result, I'll never download their player again.

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I recently realized I no longer had a PDF reader installed, due to my recent reboot. Instead of going to Adobe directly, I picked on after doing a search and wound up installing three other programs, on of which was a player. I did uninstall those programs. The only thing I've not been able to get rid of is Bing. When I open a new tab, it opens to Bings home page instead of showing a list of websites that I've been too. That in itself doesn't bother me.

After all of this was done, I ran Malwarebytes and found a whole litter of PUP's that were quarantined.

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Whoops yes, Gimp is a art package, takes forever to load but can be useful whereas Gom is the video player that was packaged with horrid infecting stuff.

I'll get my coat...

I've hidden your coat, so you have to stay.

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Gimp is like an open-source version of Adobe PhotoShop.

As far as I know the best and the safest place to download software is at Sourceforge

All of the best open source projects are hosted there. Notepad++, Crimson Editor, ProjectLibre- it's all there.

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