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All In A Row

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This author has been through the mill trying to get this story out and it is truly the best writing this author/reader has ever read anywhere online or in print. Tristen has synesthesia and his view of the world is unique. The story is loosely autobiographical and the deatil is incredible. As seen through the eyes of a boy with synesthesia you get to see the world in a colorful new way.

Here is a clip from CH 69:

The beers were cracked open and they followed the next joint. It all became muddy and fluid. The music kept floating down like clouds of silver with reflections of red and blue neon from some sign half a block away sent to us for a fraction of a second from a moving chrome bumper. It was a chance encounter, a colorful puff of a gift that seemed to hang there long after it was gone. Things slowed down. My cheeks got hot and pink. Squeegy’s hand in mine felt like a story I could read. Crazy Mike’s glasses got thicker and thicker. Donnie was talking about Gene at The Cup trying to grab his balls. Zac and Daniel were twins from different mothers, blinking in unison, in slow motion, sharing the same air, their eyes moving like they were wired together.

“Mike, who’s this?”

“Hendrix, man. “Red House.”

You can see the colorful language used to convey the emotions of what he sees, smells, hears and experiences.

This story is not about sex, it's about relationships and surviving using each others strengths. It is an incredible story that will capture your heart and change how you see the world. It's a must read.

Please enjoy it and make sure you comment. Tristen has worked very hard to bring this to us. Leave a comment, let him know it was worth the fight.


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