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Tab Hunter...gay icon

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Okay, I admit it...I had the hots for Tab Hunter from day one. He had that star quality, a poster boy for beautiful men in the movies, and he was unreachable. Sigh. If I had only known he was gay in those early years of my life then perhaps my own struggles would have been easier. I don't imagine he enjoyed keeping his secret for so long.


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Hunter was before my time. My crushes...


Leif Garrett... wow.


I would have also like to have seen much, much more of Jacky Earl Haley.

Garrett did the alcohol and tattoos thing to death and Haley ended up being Freddie Krueger. Ewww.

As fate is a weird, weird thing, I ended up aging better than either of them. :icon_tongue:

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Here's another one- Brandon de Wilde (1942-72) played the little boy in Shane and was Admiral Torrey's (John Wayne) estranged son in In Harm's Way- where I fell for him. It's hard to find a good picture of him.

de Wilde died tragically very young in a car accident at 30.

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The outside is just what you can see. You need to dig to find the venerable and unsure side.

I'm finally getting post notifications now. It's only been a couple years.

Yes, I too am suddenly getting post notifications after many years. How cool is that? :icon1:

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