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Gayby Baby - Official Trailer 2015


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How wonderful, a look at gay families through the eyes of the children involved. From the trailer alone, since it seems we have no release date on this project yet, the film seems to show the internal struggles of family life with the added pressures of outside forces who dislike same sex marriage.

I am glad this film was made in Australia because an American version would be so much more chaotic. The image of children in the later adolescent period approaching puberty is enough to understand that emotions must run high in these families. Without religious and legal persecution I believe gay families would become just another drop of water in the ocean of society but there are those who will not allow this.

How sad that kids with loving parents cannot avoid the bullying and hatred as they reach an age of important development to their ego and psyche. Putting children of gay parents on the defensive breeds aggression, and it seems that many of these children are in a constant state of self analysis because their parents are part of a hated group. When will the world grow up?

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We know several same-sex couples who have kids. The kids are so wonderfully normal you can't stop smiling when you're around them. They also understand a lot more about their family situation than most people would credit them and they see nothing but what's good and right. All these couples but one adopted their kids. The other has two foster brothers who finally have a stable home situation and are loved; they are teens, 14 and 16 (I think I have it right). They can't be adopted because their birth mother might get out of prison before their 18th birthdays and they might have to go back to live with her. That's just f'ing wacked.

Colin :icon_geek:

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