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The Americanization of Alex S by Merkin

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A great and enjoyable read. Curtis exemplifies the babies that went out with the bath-water. That men like Savile were evil is obvious and self-evident... but perhaps their other crime was to make it virtually impossible for men of good heart to follow their instinct to nurture the next generation.

Incidentally, I liked the father's name... I can remember as a student standing outside the closed gates of the Russian embassy chanting "Dubcek-Svoboda!"

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... funny you should mention that!

Actually, Rutabaga, it is a good suggestion. Your -and others'- suggestions for a Pick from the Past are always welcome. While those who read the AD Forums will have probably picked up on it.. the larger number of AD Site visitors do not visit the Forums... so why not share the good selections with them? As we do 3-4 stories in both the Novel and Short Story categories, it's not going to diminish the reading enjoyment for those Forum readers to find one of your suggestions appearing as a Pick soon after.

I appreciate your gusto in going through the site archives and sharing what you find with others.


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