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Habakkuk’s Mill

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Mihangel has excelled himself here as his short story is one of the best. I suggest you put some time in your diary as it ought to be read not too fast as the descriptions are delightful and as a short story, it's a bit long at 19767 words. The length is not a criticism by the way, as it is needed to do the issues justice.

I know the area quite well as I have worked for the BBC at Daventry, and have also done the canal thing too. So I can picture quite a lot of it.

Read the story here:


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The title of this fine tale led me to expect a lot of grousing but it turned out to be truly hilarious. Once again Mihangel manages to educate and entertain and leave you smiling with a story that deserves to be in an anthology of great writing.

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Today has been one of the worse days I have had for a long time and tomorrow looks like it is going to be even worse but Habakkuk's Mill has really cheered me up. Not only is this a hilarious story, it is very informative.

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Mihangel did it again. Another great story. Although his stories always are set in another country than my own, all his writings feel like a home-coming to me. Being Dutch I grew up with windmills all around me, which makes Habakkuks's Mill even more special to me. Thanks Mihangel.

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I always look to obtain an education when I read one of Mihangel's stories, the subjects are always so diverse and this exceeded my expectations. I love the characters, and one of them would have to be the old mill. I never realized that milling operations were so hard and that the wind could be so fickle. Well done, Mihangel. I guess it pays to maintain your interests for so long because they came alive in this story.

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