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One Day Maybe by Marc C.


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I was happily wrapped up in this new Seattle based story and then... it just stopped... damn and blast! Duh! - hadn't noticed it was flagged as "In Progress" with Chapter 10 posted today... and things were just getting interesting! Makes a change to have a lead character who isn't poster boy handsome or a gym bunny hunk. I will be looking forward to new chapters. The author, Mark C.'s synopsis goes like this:

Ben, a 28 year old computer professional, is looking for love and the guy he wants to wake up to for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, that guy is still to be found and Ben has had so many strike outs it seems as if he will sit out love in his life. Then a new face at work brings hope. But will Ben's bad luck hold true, or will this time Ben win the brass ring in life?

Direct link into One Day Maybe story page or find Mark C's listing on the Castle Roland site's Library page.

PS. Hadn't come across the phrase "win the brass ring in life" before - however Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary have - so must be just me?

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Back in the good old days, a merry-go-round operator would place a brass ring outside the spinning ride where a rider on the outer circle of horses could just barely reach it by stretching and hanging out. Anyone who succeeded in catching the brass ring could turn it in for some kind of prize.


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