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Bruin Fisher

Names in stories

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Did a bit of research on your names. As several folks have mentioned, there is a cultural phenomenon among some communities to come up with unique name spellings, so some of your names may be in that category. Or just plain nicknames or, as suggested, short for a family name. But as far as the >2000 male given names in the 1990 US Census, here's what I can find:

Kedon - no match. Could be variation on Kendall?

Tarell - no match. Could be variation on Tyrell (1,019th most common US given name)

Rock - no match. Could be variation on Rocky (530), Brock (701)

Mason - A MATCH! 632nd most common US given name

Rand - no match. Could be variation on Brandon (68), Randy (78), Randall (139), Randolph (366), Randal (577), Branden (751), Randell (825)

Eriko - no match. Could be variation on Erik (231), Erick (443), Federico (731), Erich (808)

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Rand: I would've thought that Rand was a name used by followers of Ayn Rand, as in Rand Paul; though I find it incomprehensible as to why anyone would want to acknowledge her, let alone admit to being one of her followers.

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