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Deweywriter down, not out

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Heh-heh-heh. If you were gonna respond like that, maybe I should've asked for something really... adventurous. :o


Actually, a blackout would be "la panne d'?lectricit?." Yes, I had to look it up to be sure.

What I said was that the blackout cut off the internet surfer, alas, What a shame, so annoying (beastly, literally). -- The French call web surfers "internautes," internet sailors.

Heh, going my way, sailor? :D

...OK, so I'm not confused about some things...

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Power failures in LA wacked a lot of network traffic.

Yeah, we had the crap whacked out of us here. I'm far enough away in the Valley that we escaped most of it, but it hit everywhere from Burbank to Downtown LA pretty badly. Some places had no power for two solid hours.

When the medium-big 1994 quake happened, even back then I had a UPS power backup on my computer. I was up and awake, listening to Howard Stern on the radio and online to CompuServe when the thing hit. After all the shaking stopped, the only light we had in my room was from the monitor, which was lying on the floor.

You really start appreciating life a little more, once you've had a few experiences with disasters...

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