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Transcendental Perambulation


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Collected steps like leaves pulled softly

Spade-shaped, breath and shirt-sleeve shined

Pressed between hardcover pages

Lashed with lies like ?Love is blind?,

Plans to shuffle, straggle, drift,

And maps to those left long behind,

Socks soaked through from blisters broken

Sweat in songs to draw the flies.

Woke along a highway, coughing

Lips caked thick with dust and grins

Streetlights stretched black ribbons west

To slink from where the day begins

And westward, then, two heels clicking,

Crickets changing paths on shins,

And eastern treasons, earlobes licking,

Stretched across to catch the winds.

Kept pace along with traffic, waving

Swirled the dirt to match the breeze

City sidewalks, street signs blushing

Souls and soles in union beat

Rhythms rising, ?cross the paths

Long beaten to the dust beneath

To wake away, some hours gone

Where no one knows which name to speak.

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