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Terre Nouvelle by Michael Arram

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A New Earth and one that will be very interesting apparently. I find Michael's writing to be quite easy to read and his story telling has the ability to capture you in the worlds he is describing. It is going to be an entertainment to follow this story into the future that Michael no doubt has planned for it.

You can find it here:

Terre Nouvelle by Michael Arram - Chapters 1 & 2

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I am a huge Michael Arram fan and was very excited when I saw this story begin to appear at another site. Then I learned that it was coming here. I hope at some point the Dude will share more information about the history of this story, if it seems appropriate.


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I found this story on Friday evening, and devoured it in one sitting, well into the small hours of Saturday morning. Completely un-put-downable. The 'flavour' is, unsurprisingly, a lot like Michael Arram's "Rothenia" series, but the setting is entirely new, and for me quite fascinating. There are generous measures of international intrigue, appealing characters, and a historical mystery unfolded piece by piece. Definitely one I will want to re-read.

The one thing I found myself missing was a map to show where all the action was taking place. It turned out that there is one, from another posting of the story at IOMFATS. However, I think the shape of the map is a significant spoiler for understanding at least the first part of the puzzle, so I'd recommend not looking until you're clear where this "New World" is.

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