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See Also - Laughs and Limericks


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The former Limericks category is now Laughs and Limericks.

When you have a humorous and humourous post, it goes there.

We appreciate humor and humour here, we just move it there. We're really kind of here and there, aren't we? :cry: We really aren't as serious as you think, to be honest.

If you're wondering what makes it humorous instead of humourous, it's quite simple. It's all up to U! :p Just humo(u)r us! Or homo-us.

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:D I must be making progress then. I mean --

First, I didn't know what section I was in.

Then I didn't accept what section I was in and kept in no section.

Then finally I started dealing with it and know what section I want/need to be in. Heh, just gotta get there, is all.


Oh, and during that not knowing / not accepting period, I did make overtures to that other section, but it was the wrong section for me.

Heh, better late than never, into the right section for each person.

Besides, I got really tired of having no section with anyone... so to speak.


Could this mean I need to look for some sexy Ian? Heh, it couldn't hurt to look....

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