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Windows 10 Start Menu Disaster

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Last night .. while updating the AD site I descovered Edge wouldn't read html files not on the web... i.e. in my local AD file... it is apparently an entire 'cloud' thing. It makes it kind of useless for editing but otherwise, I like it. It still is SDK-less making it impossible for folks like the TextAloud creators to make a toolbar for their product. Unfortunately the latest version of Firefox (always a pain) and Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 are also incompatible with the TextAloud toolbar but the app does work yet in other programs such as Word. So to read an online story, I just have to copy and paste the html file into the TextAloud browser. A bit of a pain but I still can save my eyes for other duties.

I need to say​, though, that the Task View option on the start menu has allowed me to do pull two of the monitors off my system saving energy and other resources. And the start menu search has not been the problem the original prompter of this thread had warned. Since then it is lsearned that Bing can be replaced in the Start Menu Search and Cortana functions. http://www.howtogeek.com/226638/make-the-windows-10-start-menu-and-cortana-search-google-instead-of-bing/

I was also pleased to learn that the Start8 menu I'd installed in Windows 8.1 and my Korean Keyboard IME are still fully functional in the new system.

Windows 10 is here to stay, but if you're at all faint of heart... better to wait till it's 100%. I cheat by keeping all my AD local files on a NAS server where I can access them from either my Windows 10 main machine or from the alternate AD production machine running under Windows 7. I'm happy for the most part as Dreamweaver 8, our html editor works under both operating systems.


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The case of the disappearing start button:

Most of the reviews on new versions of Windows are about cosmetic issues like cool new wallpaper or rearrangement of commonly used applications.

Not everyone, including me, is a computer expert and we must relearn each time they decide to upgrade and they do this just as we are getting comfortable with the old system.

The missing START button caused momentary chaos but it was soon resolved and we all received calming reassurance from Microsoft.

What people do not realize was that the START button's disappearance was a political and coercive manipulation. It was grooming the public and getting them used to and accepting to "ALWAYS-ON" as a default mode. Why turn off your computer? Just let it go to sleep.

The bulk of each new Windows up-grade is not about us, it is about further refinement of data collection and surveillance at the point of origin.

The user, (you and me) are the resource, not the customer. ALWAYS-ON even while in sleep mode, allows Microsoft collect and keep track on a minute by minute basis using all the senses built into the computer. (microphone, phone, and cam.) in addition to your personal data.

About 18 months ago, it was revealed that the new Microsoft-XBox1 was loaded with just such applications, including facial recognition for non-playing family members. One of the provisions was that if you unplugged the unit, disabling the ALWAYS-ON mode for a certain period of time, you would lose your subscription including the ability to play games already purchased. There was a firestorm over it and Microsoft was forced to disable them. These applications may be disabled but they could still be enabled at a later date. And why wouldn't we think that the same application protocol would not be included in each Windows Operating system?

Because the demand is great, you can make a request for Windows 7 as I have just done on a new computer.

They are giving a free upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 and 8 because the big change down the road will be ongoing monthly or quarterly charge just to use Windows operator system.


Learn Linux, It's free. Consider getting a duel boot on you spare computer just to get used to it. It is becoming more and more indistinguishable from Windows. Google, "Linux Ubuntu"

Open office is free. Comparable to Microsoft Office.

Gimp is free. Comparable to Photoshop

Inkscape is free. Comparable to Adobe Illustrator

The day I am compelled to move to Windows 10 is the day I'll go to Linux full time.

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