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In my continuing effort...

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In my continuing effort to keep the readers in this forum updated on where the country stands on important issues and enhancing knowledge (hah!), here's one of today's LA Times editorial features that is very enlightening. I think everyone will enjoy reading this. It's neither liberal nor conservative, merely informative.

Oops! I just got a note saying the article wouldn't post here. Dammit! Well, yoiu can find it online on the LA Times site. Look for an editorial titled The immigration court backlog: Why won't Congress act?


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Yeah, better to cut and paste that heading into a Google search engine to find the article...which also comes with a load of spam.

The answer of course is our appalling Congress and their inaction in funding judicial courts throughout government. I am waiting for Donald Trump to notice the issue and suggest if he is elected that he will outsource our reluctant legislative body to India.

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