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Loss of another great author

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Ryan Bartlett has passed 31 AUgust 2015 as confirmed by Dave Schriber of Dabeagle's doghouse. He was an outstanding author and his talent and wordcraft will be missed.

Writer's NEVER run out of words. Immortality comes from the ones we actually get written.

RIP Ryan

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I've chatted with Ryan on facebook a couple of times a week since last fall.

I had no idea that he was ill. I'm going to miss him a lot. :cry:

we are too often
reminded that our time is
at the very best fleeting

By the passing of
a friend too soon before he
could tell all his tales

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This poem is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Bartlett.

Another Passage

By Cynus

What fleeting life and fleeting time,

Has rendered me without a friend?

For the clock has struck its final chime,

And now the pyre burns.

I wonder where the time has gone,

For my friend journeys with it still,

To the end of all and then beyond,

This world no longer his concern.

I cannot help but reminisce,

Through words; the craft we both pursued,

Of times which we will not have hence,

And memories for which I yearn.

Be well, my friend, and journey forth,

This is not the ending of your tale.

Your words will tarry with their worth,

And bring about your oft return.
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I am shocked and saddened to learn of this unexpected loss. I never corresponded with Ryan directly, and knew him only through his work and his commentary, here and elsewhere. He was a valued member of our community of writers. Ryan’s contribution, especially to the incredibly impressive development of the Sanitaria Springs saga, will be a monument to his memory.

James Merkin

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