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To Serve Man


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Many years ago there was a Twilight Zone teleplay entitled, "To Serve Man"

It was a 30 minute sifi epic about big brained visitors from another world. They came bearing gifts. A cure for all diseases, the end of all war and methods to grow more than enough food for everyone.

They were called the Kanamits and they communicated telepathically. Carrying a large book, bearing the title, "To Serve Man", the leader addressed the UN and said, "We come in peace."

When the initial fright of aliens among us wore off it gave way to fascination and interest. People took trips to visit the Kanamits far away planet and many settled there.

Suspicious code breakers studied the book that the Kanamits had brought with them but they were frustrated. The only thing they had was the title. "To Serve Man"

One of them decided to take a trip the Kanamit's home planet. Just as he was boarding the alien ship his assistant came running through the crowd yelling. "Don't go! The book, "To Serve Man, it's a cookbook!"



This is exactly how I feel about Facebook, Google and Microsoft. I am not against high tech but this goes way beyond what we had conceived of when we first heard, "You've got mail!"

Today they are collecting information but tomorrow they may be managing our lives to suit a larger entity. They betrayed us already by eliminating our anonymity and inviting the police into our homes.

I also know that there is no way to stop it and every day, there are fewer and fewer places to hide from this colossal organism.

We are unwittingly constructing the Matrix and it will be the death of the individual.

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Keep in mind that I am not a computer genius but I have taken the first step. I had a bug ridden computer and I did a fresh install of windows and from there I did a duel boot install with Windows 7 and Unbuntu (Linux). When I turn it on, it gives me a choice between the 2 operating systems. It was easy and it will just take a little getting used to. No virus and no annual $89 virus protection fee.

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Hmm, well, that's the configuration I've been running for years. You still need anti-virus software installed in the Windows OS if you will be connecting to the internet from Windows, or sharing files.

I use Ubuntu all the time, only switching to Windows to run specific work-related software that only runs under Windows. There is a 'Windows Compatibility Layer' in ubuntu called Wine that enables you to (amazingly) run some Windows software in Linux (it's NOT an emulator, it just provides Windows-like DLLs to give Windows software an environment to function in). Sadly there is one application that I have to use sometimes that is very badly written and defeats all my attempts to get it running under Wine.

I'm thinking that the next change I make might be to buy a new machine and install only Ubuntu on it, keeping the old one for only Windows.

I'll be interested to hear how you get on with Ubuntu.

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I recall that Twilight Zone episode when it was first broadcast. Loved the shock it gave the audience.

But it reminds me of the Night Galley episode called The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes and that was a damn fine shock for the viewers. Won't spoil the way it ended except to say the kid revealed that the world was about to change and that there would be no more wars or hunger, everything would be just fine. The reason is the shocker. Go look at it, here's the link:


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