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Does Gaydar Exist?


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Not according to this study.

Personally, I think it's more than just stereotyping or a static visual image. It's noticing, maybe subconsciously, who the other person finds interesting, and whether they're male or female. It's how people react to different stimuli.

I don't assume a guy who is effeminate, who lisps, who likes shopping, who dresses smartly, or who sashays is gay. It's a possibility, but none of those are indicators for being gay. Yes, a large percentage of effeminate guys are gay, but not all of them. That's a factor in making a judgement call, but it's not the only one. Gaydar, to me, is adding up all of those things and then making a judgement call. And even then, I realise that it's only an educated guess and I'm almost certainly missing a lot of people. But it's all I've got :smile:

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Sometimes my gaydar works, sometimes it doesn't. But that's based on the few times I've followed up on a gaydar ping. Or when a guy or girl caused my gaydar to ping and he or she approached me. Doug doesn't believe in gaydar because he says he's never right. I pointed out that's because what he thinks is a "yes" is always a "no" and vice-versa.

Colin :icon_geek:

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As a sense, no it does not exist. But some folk are very skilled at reading and separating the smallest bits of body language, and they are said to have gaydar. Mine sometimes works - and sometimes doesn't in that statistically, far more folk than I identify as gay, must actually be so.

I did once have a gay boss who wasn't out, when colleagues later found out he was, they were both surprised he was, and that I wasn't in the slightest surprised as I'd worked out he was long ago.

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